SD Water Bottle

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This 28oz water bottle is perfect to bring to school, the gym, work, and more!

**However** the logo does not hold up to our standards, so we are discounting this product and including a fix! 
The problem: Although this water bottle and the logo are dishwasher safe (we tested it ourselves), the logo scratches off a bit too easily for our standards. 
The fix: Inside the water bottle you'll find a waterproof (and dishwasher safe) sticker of our logo that, if you want, you can place over the original logo. If you like the water bottle as-is, you just get a free sticker! 


  • High Density Colored Polyethylene Material (Recycle Code: 2)
  • Good Grip Action Bottle with Ridged Cap
  • Easy-Flow Colored Drinking Push Cap
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